Vacation Checklist

Did you know that insurance policies have specific ‘away’ requirements, which if not fulfilled, could void coverage if your home is left unoccupied and unattended for an extended period of time?

If no one is living in the house, Kings Mutual requires someone (a family member or acquaintance) to regularly do a walk-through or check the property. We require the name and phone number of this person so we can contact them in the event of a claim reported on your property.

The policy wording states that loss by freezing is excluded unless it happens within a dwelling heated during the usual heating season and you have not been away from your premises for more than four (4) consecutive days. However, if you had arranged for a competent person to enter your dwelling daily to ensure that heating was being maintained or if you had shut off the water supply and had drained all the pipes and appliances you would still be insured.

Kings Mutual has many customers who are snowbirds or take extended vacations. We ask for the term that you will be away and we will endorse your property policy with an unoccupancy permit.

Unoccupancy Endorsement

It is understood and agreed that the building or buildings described on the Declaration Page may remain unoccupied for the specified term.

Conditions of this agreement are that all usual furnishings and contents shall remain in the insured buildings. It is further understood and agreed that the building or buildings shall be under the supervision and care of some competent person during the term of unoccupancy. Please refer to your policy wording for conditions that apply while you are away from your home during the usual heating season.

All other terms and conditions of this policy remain unchanged.

Preparing your home for vacation

​Have some check on your home everyday.

Ask a trusted neighbour, friend or relative to check in and outside your home every few days, every day in the heating season.

Have that person collect your mail/newspapers, park a car in your driveway and check your home for damages and make sure they know how to reach you if something happens.

Make your home looked lived in.

Noticeable differences from your homes usual appearance can hint that you are away. Consider using light timers and leave curtains and blinds as you normally do.

Disconnect electronics.

Unplug TV sets, stereos, computers and other electronic devices, or plug them into a surge protector.

Inspect your home before you leave.

Put away bicycles and gardening equipment, and lock your shed. It’s also helpful to keep trees and shrubs trimmed so your house is in plain view.

Update your home inventory and take photos or videos of its contents.

Leaving your home.

Double-check that all doors and windows in your home are locked.

Turn the water off in case of a damaged pipe or broken hose to prevent the potential for water damage.

If possible, load luggage into your car in your garage.

Alarm your security system.

If you have a security system, set it before you go. There are applications you can download to turn your smart phones or iPad into live video surveillance form anywhere in the world.

Don’t announce your vacation plans.

Social media can reach further than you expect. Don’t alert potential thieves to your absence. Only post travel pictures when you return.

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