Spray Foam Insulation

Why insurers are asking consumers to cover their foam insulation.

The National Building Code of Canada specifies that Polyurethane foam insulation (PUFI) or foam plastic insulation must be protected by a thermal barrier in combustible construction other than in concealed spaces (i.e. attic, roof spaces or crawl spaces).

Our acceptable thermal barriers include a half inch minimum of plaster, gypsum board, plywood, hardboard, insulating fibreboard, particle board, Oriented Strand Board (OSB) or wafer board.

Fire retardant sprays are not acceptable as they have a tendency to crack and peel as observed by our Loss Prevention Team in the photo above.

As it can be expensive to add a thermal barrier, installers often leave it up to the homeowner to install the required thermal barrier. Many property owners are unaware of the need for a thermal barrier and invoices/estimates from insulation contractors will often have a disclaimer printed on them stating that the client understands that a thermal barriers needs to be provided.

If it is not covered, the off gassing is toxic to the occupants in the event of a fire. Please protect your foam insulation and help us to keep you and your families safe.

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