Internal Dispute Resolution Policy

Version 1.0 August 2014

Statement of Policy

It is the responsibility of our Company to comply with legislation Insurance Companies Act Section 486 requiring Federally Regulated Financial Institutions to have dedicated procedures and personnel available to address consumer complaints. This process promotes confidence in the financial system and provides consumers with information to understand the dispute resolution process.

Complaint Escalation Process

The dispute resolution process has been designed to fit the small size of our organization (approximately 25 employees) which provides property and casualty insurance to policyholders located throughout Nova Scotia. The process is specifically designed to address claim related and insurance coverage interpretation related complaints. When a written complaint is received, it escalates through the following process:

Step 1

Vice President Underwriting, Vice President Claims or Vice President Finance (Company Representative) will contact the complainant within five business days of receiving the complaint. The Company representative will speak with the complainant, objectively listen to their concern(s) and document the issues discussed. The objective of this communication is to put the consumer at ease and reach a resolution.

Step 2

If Step 1 does not resolve the complaint, the Company President & CEO (appointed Ombudsman Liaison Officer) will contact the complainant and review the situation with them. This contact will be documented and a letter explaining the insurer’s final position on the issue may be provided (if deemed required).

Step 3

If Step 2 does not resolve the complaint, consumers can contact The Mutual Insurance Companies OmbudService (MICO) to arrange a mediation session. MICO exists to assist in the resolution of conflicts between policyholders and participating property and casualty mutual insurance companies. In the mediation session an independent mediator will work with the complainant and the insurer to resolve the issues. If a resolution cannot be attained, the mediator will prepare a written report with recommendations that are not binding. If the written report does not provide a solution satisfactory to both parties, the policyholder may still proceed with legal action. MICO will not help once legal action commences.

Additional information on MICO and their services are provided on their website


The Company is committed to training all staff, directors and officers on the internal dispute resolution process. This policy is readily available and reviewed at least annually to ensure the process meets the changing needs of consumers.

Monitoring and Reporting

Complaints are documented when received and throughout the escalation process as described above. The records are retained by the Corporate Secretary


This complaint handling policy is available on the company website and will be provided promptly in writing as requested.