Hurricane Dorian

September 06, 2019 Blog

Before Hurricane Dorian affects the Maritimes this weekend, please take a few minutes to secure your home;

  • Ensure doors and windows are closed and secured.
  • Put away loose objects, patio furniture, barbeques, etc
  • Tie down trampolines
  • Check sump pump systems to ensure they are working, and have a back-up (or two, or three!) including a battery powered pump or a standby generator
  • If you have a generator, test it out beforehand and be sure you have lots of fuel available
  • Ensure eaves troughs are clean and down spouts are secure and pointing away from your home.
  • Fill your car with gas.
  • If you have a propane BBQ ensure your tank is full.
  • Have some cash on hand.

In addition, please monitor weather reports and stay inside until the storm has passed.

Should you need to make a claim because you have suffered a loss, please call our 24 Hour Emergency Claims line at 902-538-3187 or Toll-free at 1-800-565-7220.

Have a safe weekend!