Fall Home Preparations

October 02, 2019 Blog

Now that the cooler weather is coming, the Loss Prevention Team at Kings Mutual have developed a list of tasks they recommend you do to get your home ready for Fall and Winter.

- Check all chimneys for debris (birds and rodents will nest in unused chimneys over the summer) before starting your heating unit in the Fall
- Check your wood stove and/or wood furnace for broken or missing fire bricks and damaged or missing door gaskets
- Check all smoke detectors and CO detectors for expiry date, replace if necessary
- Replace the batteries in all smoke and CO detectors
- Check your fire extinguishers to make sure they are fully charged
- You should take your fire extinguisher and turn it up side down a couple of times to shake up the powder inside to insure they will discharge if needed
- Always make sure you have your 72 hour emergency kit ready.
- Practice your escape routes out of your home with your family and have a known meeting spot outside
- Clean out rain gutters of debris to avoid water buildup and ice damning over the winter.